Smashing Times Network for Arts and Human Rights

Smashing Times Network for Arts and Human Rights

20 October 2020 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Online

‘Coigil aithinne d’aislinge / Scaradh léi is éag duit’ 

Máirtín Ó Direáin. Translation from the Irish: ‘hold fast to your dream / to abandon it is to die’


Inaugural Meeting of the Smashing Times Network for Arts and Human Rights and launch of Arts for Human Rights book

Organised by Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality

Inaugural European and International network meeting with guest speakers, discussions and contributions from audience members and networking. Features launch of Arts and Human Rights book.

Open to members of the Smashing Times International Network for the Arts and Human Rights. All people including individuals and organisations are welcome to join the network, membership is free and open to all – artists, activists, educators, students, members of the public and all those interested in supporting and promoting the arts for human rights and equality. At the heart of all network activities will be the arts and human rights. We welcome you to join us

Moderator: Dil Wickremasinghe

Artists and Guest Speakers: Dijana Milosevic, Dah Theatre, Serbia; Dr Eric Weitz, Smashing Times; Frédérique Lecomte, Theatre & Reconciliation, Belgium; Áine O’Hara, theatre maker; Hina Khan, visual artist; Linda Greene, Kildare Traveller Action; Dr Rajinder Singh, choreographer, artist; Pamela McQueen, dramaturg; John Scott, dance; Jesse Jones, film, performance and visual artist; Tara Madden, Front Line Defenders; Martin Beanz Warde, comedian; Keelin Murray, Create.



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